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I am happy you are visiting here seeking to learn about the many health benefits that flow from the amazing healing art called Rolfing.  I am also glad to provide an overview along with some insights, beginning with my own story...  
Rolfing is named after a remarkable woman.  A woman I met and came to know quite well many years ago in Boulder, Colorado.  Dr. Ida Rolf was my teacher.  I learned about Rolfing directly from its discoverer.  This was at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.  So, it was right from the master that I learned all the techniques, the processes, as well as the theoretical basis for Structural Integration.

The St. Petersburg Times published a story about me  years ago in which I was called a "body sculptor".  In many ways that is what I do.  The goal of Rolfing is to balance and center the human body.  To align it properly on its vertical axis requires some careful nudging and coaxing of tissues into their proper position.  It requires a precise formula and dramatic results often happen very quickly.

   A body that has undergone the full basic Rolfing process, which is 10 sessions, has gravity flowing through it more directly, which relieves undue and often painful stress.  Ida Rolf believed that human posture was designed to be erect in the field of gravity in which we all live.  However, these human bodies we have become, over time, grow out of alignment. This stems from many causes:  all kinds of physical injuries, disease processes, surgical interventions, and physical habits like poor, work-related, or, emotionally generated negative postures to name just  a few.

Discovering from Ida Rolf how to help people made a dramatic impact on my life.  My University of Florida education included a doctoral degree in jurisprudence.  Yes, I had been a successful attorney in Tampa.  But, once I learned how powerful, beneficial, and life-changing Rolfing is, I made a major career changing decision.  While perhaps I could have made more money as a lawyer, the satisfaction I get from helping people is something no amount of money can buy.

But, you don't have to take my word for it.  Click here and read what people I have Rolfed have to say about it.

To find out more about scheduling your series of Rolfing sessions an appointment is required.  There are only a limited number of clients who I can see each day. A session is strenuous on me and requires an hour and a half, or longer, to complete.  I Rolf from my home studio overlooking Tampa Bay in the Bayview Historic District.  A Rolfing session is $120.  

Please feel welcome to call me at (727) 797- 4124 to find out about available openings, or send an email.

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